Wednesday, 30 August 2017


Hi, I know it's been awhile.  As you know I lost my 16yr old dog Jasmine at the end of June, which was a shock after already loosing an Aunt, Father in Law and my Dad already this year.  Towards the end of July we decided to buy a toy poodle.  We picked her two weeks before.  Then when we picked her up she seemed quiet which is normal.  She was 8 weeks old and we called her Poppy.  That night she wouldn't eat, we took her to vets who said it's just nerves.  By the next day she still hadn't eaten and we had been shringe feeding her all night puppy milk.  They took her in to the vet hospital.  She was there longer then she was with us and after 4 days she passed away with aneamia due to a blood disease. She also had complications of a bleed in her liver and after surgery she just passed. It was a huge loss.  We were offered another puppy from the same breeder (who mum has been to for her puppy in May so she was a good breeder).  The puppy was almost 13 weeks and had been left as the people who wanted her decided they didn't anymore.  We wasn't sure but in the end we tried again.  She has bought so much Joy after so much loss. The problem was she was already named and knew her name which was Poppi.  We decided not to change her name. Poppy and Jasmine have been cremated and sit with their pictures keeping each other company.  Forever in our hearts and family. The pictures below are of my temporary desk downstairs while Poppi is learning the word NO!!!! lol.  Also are pictures of Jasmine during WOYWW 260 and near the time she died.  Also pics of little Poppy and our new puppy Poppi.
And of course if you would like to share your desk please pop on over to WOYWW :-)

Just about to put some colour on these journal pages.  Some teabags for a swap.
Bad lighting as in living room :-)

WOYWW 260 May 2014
Both pictures show how happy Jasmine was to be creating.  
During 2015 she had to stop coming up stairs.  So I used to try and do
most bits downstairs to keep her company. <3

Jasmine a few days before she died.  Such heart ache.  It was time.  She was almost
17 and so tired and in lots of pain.  She had lost control of toileting.  She also
put up with use but didn't really know us by the end.  We took this 
photo with her favourite toy even though she hadn't played with it in 6 months <3

Little Poppy, two weeks before we picked her up.
We had already fell in love <3

First evening in her new home.  She was so tiny. <3

First 24hrs in hospital.  We was allowed to visit in a evening <3

The evening before she passed away. Such loss <3

New Poppi, full of life.  First evening in her knew home <3

2nd Day found the garden!!!! Look at that dirty nose lol <3 

Asking me this evening to stop and play <3

For me my pets are part of our family.  Thank you for taking the time to let me tell you about our furry family.

Happy Woyww :-)
Hugs Kezzy xxxxx

Tuesday, 18 July 2017

Dina Wakley's #ShowUsYourMEdia

Hi, I'm sorry it's been a month that I blogged but I lost my 16 year old dog Jasmine, which made me quite low as I have already lost my dad and father in law this year.  But a good holiday away with all the family that dad booked last year was great, he was very missed but being together helped.

So last time I blogged I showed you that I was planning a products and tutorials weeks through the year and was starting with Dina Wakley products, since then she has done an Instagram challenge.  I am not quite ready for the week full of projects but I thought I would show you one of them that I have done that showed why I create which is the challenge.  Also after the photos there is a full tutorial :-)

There are lots of pics and then the full tutorial plus
a full product listing at the end of the post :-)

I started the first page in my Dina Wakley Media Journal.
I didn't gesso first, instead I added Dina's White Gesso through the Leaves Stencil.

Next I mixed Dina's Paint Turquoise and Lime with Dina's Glaze.
If you haven't tried her glaze then you really must, I have Liquitex glazing and it's
so sticky and shiny but Dina's isn't.  I am already keeping plenty of supply lol.

Next take some wipes and squeeze the excess wetness out of them (not sure wetness
is a word!!!)

Take some of the Turquoise mixture you have made onto the wipe and wipe over
some of the journal page which allows the gesso leaves to pop out.

Next with the Lime blending with the Turquoise.

This was the first layer finished.

Repeat the above process to deepen the colours.  I love how the 
gesso on this layer starts to take on some of the colour which
helps push back the leaves.

With the left over mixture use the Essentials Stencil.

Next use the stamp from the new stamp set Circle Patterns and stamp with White. 
 I like to do this with my mini gelli plate as then I get
a nice thin layer of my paint on the stamp.  Just brayer on the paint, use the stamp
and then stamp straight away on the journal page.

And of course you get a print for a tag at the same time :-)

To keep with the Ranger Ink family I used a Tim Holz script stamp (which I have 
realised is Stampers Anonymous not Ranger oops) from the French Marketplace 
stamp set and stamp with Archival Aquamarine and Vivid Chartreuse.

Next mix Lapis and Lime with a hint of Lemon together and then add white.

Using the colour you have just mixed add through the Organic Shapes Stencil.

While the stencil is still in place stamp the Tim Holtz script stamp with Archival
Fern Green.

Now this is the fun part, squeeze lots of white in 3 blobs in the centre of your page.

Use your fingers to make flower shapes.

Next add Fuchia with your fingers, blending with some of the white.

I love the texture it makes.

I next used some gold micro beads into the wet paint.

I decided I wanted more leaves, now I am not sure this was the right choice.
I definitely know that I should have done it before the flowers but lessons learned.
I made my own stencil using Sizzix Alterations Garden Green and planned out
where I wanted to stencil.

Mixing Lemon and Evergreen together add through the stencil.

Next I took the Sizzix Alterations Thinlets Holiday Greens Mini and made
a smaller stencil.  I used this with Gilt.

Taking Dina Wakley's Scribble Sticks in White and Black I mixed a grey
colour to add shading around the leaves.

I had to add the stems of the leaves myself which makes me wonder if
one it's too much or two I definitely needed to do it before the flowers.
Here you can see the shading.

I used Fushsia and White (not mixed together) through the Daisies Stencil.

I used a black pen to scribble around the flowers, a gold pen to make swirls
in the centre of the little flowers and on the background.  I then used Dina Wakley's
Gel Medium to add my words that was stamped with Archival
Jet Black and shaded with the scribble sticks.
I also stapled a little tag that I used for mopping up to add the date.

Right that's it, hope you enjoyed the tutorial.  Thank you so much for taking the time to visit.

Happy Art :-)
Kezzy xxxxx

Products Used
Dina Wakley Products -
Media Journal
Stamps - Circle Patterns
Paint - Fuchsia, Lemon, Turquoise, White, Lime, Lapis, Gilt, Evergreen.
White Gesso
Glazing Medium
Stencils - Essentials, Organic Shapes, Leaves, Daisies
Scribble Sticks
Other Products - 
Ranger Archival Ink Pad - aquamarine, vivid chartreuse, fern green, jet black
Stampers Anonymous - Tim Holtz French Marketplace Stamp Set
Sizzix Alterations - garden green, thinlets holiday greens mini
Prima - gold micro beads
UniBall Signo Black Pen
Gelly Roll Metallic Gold Pen
Docrafts - Papermania wedding ever after alphabet stamps